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Client Testimonials


Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

Tony R.

“I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for your work. Five continuances and thought there would be a sixth. And sure enough the plea for a lesser offense occurs.”


“I’d like to say that Kevin Leckerman gave me hope when no other lawyer would give me hope about my case. He was able to prove that I was innocent on a 3rd DUI.”


“I was facing a third DUI in ten years, and being out of state, I refused the breath test thinking that I was only giving the prosecution extra evidence against me. However, PA law prosecutes a third DUI with a breath refusal at the highest level which equates to a minimum of one year in jail. I spent hours searching various PA lawyers and once I met Kevin, I knew that this lawyer was my best chance. Kevin researched the police report thoroughly and was completely prepared at court. Kevin listened attentively to every detail I provided, and used this information to prepare a strong case against the state. The result was a total dismissal of the charges. If facing a PA DUI, Kevin is the lawyer you need and can trust.”

A DUI Client.

“As a former country chief legal officer for a global U.S investment bank, I have a lot of experience instructing legal counsel at all levels. In my experience it is rare that one finds an attorney at any level who give a case as much attention as if he were the client or were being charged himself. When I had the misfortune of being charged with several driving offenses a couple of months ago Kevin worked tirelessly to produce a highly satisfactory outcome that saved me thousands of dollars in fines and costs and lifelong stigma. I would encourage anyone reading this review to ignore the over-inflated advertisements and promises that you will find online and to retain Kevin, who will actually run your case properly.”

Rob R.

“Kevin represented me in regards to a DWI I was charged with in April 2013. Throughout the process Kevin explained the charges thoroughly, went over every option we had and worked with me to develop a strategy. The process took nearly a year and during that time Kevin’s vast knowledge of the DUI/DWI laws became very apparent. That knowledge, combined with extreme attention to detail and tireless work ethic, allowed Kevin to produce the best possible outcome for my case. As much as I do not wish a similar situation to happen to anyone, I would definitely advise them to seek Kevin’s council.”


“When my boyfriend was facing his third DWI, we had just recently purchased our first home. He had his first two charges over ten years back, and we never could have imagined that it would happen to him again. We felt entirely hopeless, constantly fearing what could happen to him if convicted. The beautiful life we pictured for ourselves felt like a dream that was no longer capable of coming true.

When we were referred to Kevin Leckerman, we were willing to do anything for just a glimpse of hope. My boyfriend felt that he was not only treated unfairly, but also inappropriately charged by the police. Kevin gave us much more than just hope. Not only did he educate us, but he showed us compassion. He made us believe that it was possible to win the case. Kevin treated us respectfully, and displayed significant knowledge of the law[]. Any time that we needed reassurance, had questions, or just wanted to discuss the case, Kevin was more than willing to dedicate his time and attention.

When it came time for my boyfriend’s trial, we could not have been more nervous. Throughout the duration of the trial, we were completely amazed by Mr. Leckerman’s skills and his brilliance. After a relatively short time, the judge announced that my boyfriend was not guilty to the DWI charge, and allowed him to plead guilty to the much lesser charge of careless driving. We could never have hoped for a better ending, and remain extremely grateful to Kevin for helping us get there.”

Bob K.

“Kevin, I just wanted to thank You. Your expert handling of my D.U.I. got my case reduced to a few tickets. Nothing against my driving record, no loss of my license. I’m positive this wouldn’t have turned out so well without you. Thanks again, for all your help.”

Richard M.

“Kevin provided a great source of calm and advice during a difficult time. He guided me through the possibilities of my situation and was able to achieve the best outcome in a negative situation.”


“I would like to thank Kevin Leckerman regarding my DUI case. I truly could not have expected a better outcome regarding my case, this outcome only happened because of his expert knowledge and dedication to his profession. Kevin really took time to explain every step of the process to me which really helped me make critical decisions on how to proceed, not to mention his invaluable recommendations. I am lucky to have come across his name and will only refer people to Mr. Leckerman regarding DUI offenses. Thanks for your hard work, empathy and responsiveness it really meant a lot to me. “

Mike S.

“I was pulled over for my 2nd DUI in June, 2011. I was pulled over by a campus police officer for seemingly NO reason at all. I had been drinking but was aware that police are ever present in the city, and was driving safe. I was arrested by the police officer, and placed under arrest, with no field sobriety testing. 24 hours later, I was let out of jail, and awaited the long, grueling process of deciding what to do. I came across Kevin’s contact info. through a friend, and was happy I did. He met me a day later, and we spent 90 minutes discussing my situation at length. He was thorough, precise, understanding, empathetic, and extremely tough on the police officer on the stand. I was aware of all of my options throughout the process, and never encountered any surprises. We carefully weighed each of our options and decided on a strategy moving forward. We decided to fight the charges, and after almost a full year, the case was withdrawn. I am extremely grateful to Kevin’s dedication to his craft, and his attention to detail. Through perseverance, dedication, and hard work, Kevin was able to free me of all charges. Kevin is an exceptional lawyer with the grit you need to win your case. Don’t settle, your life is too valuable. “

Howard N.

“Kevin, will go the distance with you and communicate with you about your case every step of the way. I for one would not go into court without legal advice nor should you. I am glad that I had a fighter on my side.”


“Thanks for all of your hard work in vigorously defending the charges against me in Deptford. After my accident and subsequent charges, I was unsure of what to do since losing my license meant losing the business I’ve worked so hard to build. From our very first phone call I felt extremely comfortable and confident in your abilities. Meeting with you only solidified this and your step by step, patient approach in discovering all of the facts ultimately led to a very successful outcome.

Kevin S.

“Kevin Leckerman represented me for a DWI arrest in September of 2006. I was looking at a suspended license, losing my job, and large insurance surcharges. Kevin’s communication about the process was outstanding. He is relentless and he uses his knowledge of DWI laws to your advantage.”

Andy L.

“During my trial, [Kevin Leckerman] was honest and sincerely responded to all my concerns. I will recommend anyone with any case to him.

Thank you much, Kevin.”


“I recently went through a very serious situation regarding a DUI in the state of New Jersey. I hired the services of Leckerman Law, LLC.

It was the best decision I have ever made. Counselor Leckerman could not have been more professional and competent. He treated me with respect , and walked me through the whole process detail by detail. Kevin has years of experience dealing specifically with DUI cases. He was relentless defending me.”

Josh Marks, Esq. – Owner JM LAW GROUP, LLC

“Kevin receives my highest praises and respect as both an exceptional attorney and human being. With respect to his legal skills, Kevin is extremely intelligent, articulate, always prepared, and has an outstanding command of the intricacies and ever-changing landscape of DWI/DUI law. I have always known Kevin to be an exceptional litigator/trial lawyer and someone who never backs away from a challenge in the court room. Above all else, Kevin always advocates aggressively on behalf of his clients and takes the responsibility of his representation very seriously. As a person, Kevin is extremely humble, passionate, honest and dedicated to his family, friends, clients and his craft… .”

Joshua Marks, Esquire – Owner – JM LAW GROUP, LLC

Deborah C.

“It had been my good fortune to have Kevin Leckerman as my attorney.

Mr. Leckerman [was]:

* Responsive and upfront about his assessment of the case

* Thorough and well prepared during court hearings and trial presentations,

* Forthcoming as to aspects of the case and potential outcomes

* Most pleasant and courteous

I highly recommend Kevin Leckerman for the quality of legal services he provides.”

Most sincerely,

Deborah C.

Jason Garber, Esq. – Reger, Rizzo & Darnall LLP

“Kevin is one of the hardest-working attorneys I have ever run across. I have watched him in court numerous times and his commitment, intelligence and creativity are ever apparent and obvious. While his natural ability is good enough on its own, it is his dedication that separates him from the pack. He is honest and forthright. If I knew anyone in trouble, I would refer them to Kevin.”

Jason Garber, Esquire – Partner at Reger Rizzo & Darnell, LLP

Jim G.

“I was represented by Kevin Leckerman in a motor vehicle case and could not be more pleased with the results. He was prompt and thorough with all the court proceedings. I would highly recommend his law firm to anyone. Jim G.”

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

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