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Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (A.R.D.)

The Pennsylvania ARD program is available to most persons charged with DUI who have never been convicted of a previous criminal offense, including DUI. In some circumstances, the ARD program is also available to persons who have previously participated in the ARD program or a similar program in another state.

Those who enter the ARD program must have undergone a court reporting network evaluation (CRN). Once accepted into the ARD program, the participant will be placed on probation for up to twelve months. Classes at an alcohol highway safety school must be attended and successfully completed. Treatment for alcohol or drug abuse issues may be ordered as part of the ARD program. Additional ARD program fines ands costs will be assessed.

Also, a period of license suspension may be imposed as a part of the ARD program. Often, the period of license suspension can be disputed. A qualified DUI defense attorney, such as Kevin Leckerman, will be able to assess whether a license suspension period can either be minimized or eliminated entirely from the ARD program conditions.

By Kevin Leckerman

Attorney Kevin Lekerman
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