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Pennsylvania Lawmakers Seek To Require Ignition Interlocks For First Time DUI Offenders

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Lawmakers in Pennsylvania are close to enacting legislation that would require ignition interlock systems for people convicted of DUI for the first-time. John Rafferty, chairman of the state Senate Transportation Committee, has been pushing for the legislation for four years. He...Read more

Fellow Officers Testify Against N.J. Cop Accused Of Misconduct In Paul Moriarty DWI Arrest

On Thursday, 3 Washington Township police officers took the stand in trial of fellow officer Joseph DiBuonaventura, providing a range of testimony about the phone call that resulted in events leading up to the arrest of Assemblyman Paul Moriarty in the year 2012. After a morning full of testimony...Read more

Norristown Resident Avoids Jail Despite Four Duis In A Year

54-year-old Nicholas Chaban was more than twice the legal limit of alcohol with a side of cocaine when he got a DUI citation in December 2013. He was cited 3 more times by September. On Friday, Former chief financial officer for the Philadelphia health-care provider Mazzoni Center, Chaban plea...Read more

29-Year-Old DUI Suspect Dies While In Philly Police Custody

A drunk driver taken into custody by Philadelphia Police officers on Friday afternoon in Northeast Philly on the suspicion of drunk driving died hours later his arrest. According to the authorities, the 29-year-old suspect was brought to a detention center in Center City at around 3:45 p.m. at 75...Read more

What Would Be The Effects Of Legalized Pot On The Number Of Traffic Deaths?

As medical marijuana is legal in almost half the states and as a small number of Americans are saying that they are in favor of recreational availability as well, the tensed medical researchers are making efforts to project the potential impact on public health problems ranging from addiction to cog...Read more

Man Gets His Third First-Offense DUI

Last summer, Christopher Gish was taken into custody 3 times in the time period of 11 days and was charged with DUI in Dickson County. His driving privileges could have been taken after his 2nd offense but he remained free until the third offense because of some reasons, in which the communicatio...Read more

Elkins Park Woman Charged With DUI In Husband’s Death

54-years-old Alexandria Cogan of Elkins Park was charged on Monday for causing an alleged DUI accident that resulted in her husband's death. The incident took place in Lower Moreland on 19 August on Huntingdon Pike near Spur Road when Cogan was driving a Mazda Miata convertible. She had the top o...Read more

Secane Woman Awaiting Trial For Fatal Drunk Driving Incident

24-year-old Nichole Labelle of Secane is awaiting trial for killing a young man while she was driving intoxicated in Philadelphia. The incident took place two years ago in Upper Darby when Labelle was arrested one Tuesday night after she crashed her car. According to police, she had used prescrip...Read more

Haverford High School Football Coach Faces DUI Charge

58-year-old Joe Gallagher, a longtime football coach at Haverford High School in Delaware County, is going to need a good defensive coordinator after his recent DUI charge. Gallagher was arrested on the suspicion of drunk driving after he allegedly fled the scene of a crash that took place in Pro...Read more

Pennsylvania House Of Representatives Votes To Close DUI Loophole

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 1239 to close a loophole which allowed some repeat drunk drivers to escape harsher penalties and drive on the roads. After the passing of the bill, prosecutors will now be able to charge DUI suspects with harsher penalties if they are r...Read more

Fleeing DUI Driver Strikes Bicyclist And Parked Car In West Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - A suspected drunk driver was taken in custody in West Philadelphia after he tried to flee and evade police officers. While he was attempting to flee, he hit a 22-year-old man riding a bicycle and also struck a parked car. The incident took place on Saturday and started around 12:40...Read more

Drexel Hill Man Charged With Aggravated Assault After Slamming Into Three Vehicles While DUI

UPPER DARBY - A DUI crash that took place on Sunday resulted in a Drexel Hill man being charged with aggravated assault and related offenses. According to police reports, the man was driving under the influence, seriously injured a 31-year-old woman and also slammed into three vehicles. The of...Read more

Two Pennsylvania State Police Troopers Injured While Helping Alleged Drunk Driver

Early Sunday, an incident took place on the Schuylkill Expressway which resulted in the injury of two Pennsylvania State Police troopers. According to police reports, the troopers were helping an alleged drunk driver when their cruiser was hit by a car. The troopers were on patrol when the incide...Read more

6 People Arrested At County DUI Checkpoint

Avondale, AZ - A sobriety checkpoint conducted Friday night on Route 41 between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. resulted in the arrest of six people on suspicion of driving under the influence. The checkpoint was conducted by members of the Parkesburg Police Department and the Chester County DUI Task Force. Ap...Read more

Drunk Driver Slams Into Two Vehicles And A Cruiser At Intersection

MONTGOMERY TWP., Pa. - A dash cam video has been released by the Montgomery Township officers of a drunk driving suspect who slammed into two vehicles on an intersection before crashing violently into a police cruiser. The officer driving the cruiser was waiting at a red light when a car careened...Read more

Camden County police officer faces DWI charges in crash that toppled sign

A Camden County police officer has been charged with DWI after he allegedly drove a red pickup truck through three street signs on Friday 20 June, shortly before 2 am. The crash happened at Route 38 and Church Road. The officer was removed from street duty after the incident. The officer, 21-year...Read more

Man charged with DUI after fatal motorcycle crash

UPPER DARBY - On Friday night, a fatal collision took place between a vehicle and a motorcycle at the intersection of Coverly and Marshall roads, which resulted in the death of a Lansdowne man. 47-year-old Gregory Hayes was pronounced dead at the accident scene at 11:12 p.m. He was of the 200 blo...Read more

Chesco’s ‘worst’ drunken driver sentenced for death

WEST CHESTER - Nothing stopped Robert Landis as he took to Chester County's roadways drunk over the last 3 decades. On Wednesday, Landis was sentenced for killing a motorcyclist in 2013 while driving drunk again. As the Judge sentenced Landis to serve eight to 17 years, County Court Judge Anth...Read more

Drunk driver accused of hitting and killing teen will not be charged

LEVITTOWN, Pa. - According to police reports, a driver accused of hitting and killing a teenager from Bucks County and injuring another one while driving under the influence of a prescription drug will not be charged. The driver was also under the influence of cocaine. The victim's family members...Read more

Study reveals that drunk-driving deaths may be under-reported in U.S.

A new study carried out by researchers reveals that the role of alcohol in U.S. traffic deaths may be significantly under-reported. The study used data from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Fatality Analysis Reporting System which notes the blood alcohol levels of people ...Read more

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