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“Kevin Leckerman is a top flight highly experienced DUI defense attorney. He has extensive knowledge of both the scientific aspects of a DUI case along with the trial techniques used in DUI cases. Kevin uses these skills to benefit his clients. I endorse Kevin’s work as a DUI defense attorney. He’s a guy you can trust to handle your DUI case.”

– Michael Sherman, DUI / DWI Attorney in Pittsburgh, PA

“I strongly endorse Kevin Leckerman. I served as a municipal prosecutor in 19 towns throughout NJ and opposed hundreds of DWI/DUI defense attorneys throughout the State of New Jersey. Kevin Leckerman is very skilled and knowledgeable regarding DWI/DUI, and as bright and able as any opposing counsel that I encountered. Mr. Leckerman’s knowledge of the foundational requirements for admission of scientific, alcohol and drug testing results is exceptional. He is an absolute bulldog in advocating for his clients. While always maintaining the respect of the judges before whom he appeared, Mr. Leckerman was relentless in pursuing defense arguments for his clients. Based on my in courtroom experiences opposing Mr. Leckerman, I have the utmost respect for him as a DWI/DUI defense attorney and would not hesitate to refer someone in need of counsel to him. I give Kevin Leckerman my strongest possible endorsement.”

– Sean Spinello, DUI / DWI Attorney in Brick, NJ

“Kevin is well trained in the areas of scientific evidence and blood evidence. He is masterful in trial and one of the top DWI/DUI attorneys in the country. I endorse him without hesitation. If you have a DWI/DUI in Philadelphia, PA or the State of New Jersey, look no further, Kevin is your go to guy !”

– Fred Woods, DUI / DWI Attorney in Greenville, SC

“I have had the pleasure to get to know Kevin over the past 6 years and he is one of the best DUI Attorney’s out there. His knowledge and expertise in this area is second to none and he zealously defends his clients rights in Court. I fully endorse Kevin to anyone looking for representation without reservation.”

– Zachary Cooper, DUI / DWI Attorney in Lafayette Hill, PA

“Kevin is an outstanding DW/DUI defense attorney. In addition to being hard working and aggressive, Kevin goes out of his way to make sure that he is on top of the latest developments in DWI/DUI defenses. I recently attended an extremely vigorous 5 day forensic science seminar on defeating blood samples in DWI/DUI cases with Kevin and I think I learned just as much from the points Kevin made in class as I did from the course itself. Kevin is an outstanding attorney.”

– Jesse Hernandez, DUI / DWI Attorney in San Antonio, TX

“I endorse this lawyer. Kevin is an excellent attorney who is very knowledgeable about DUI law. I had the pleasure of attending the most advanced blood evidence training available for attorneys with Kevin. Few attorneys have this level of knowledge and training, you will make a good decision when you choose to retain attorney Leckerman.”

–  Andrew Bucher, DUI / DWI Attorney in Lima, OH

“Kevin is one of the hardest-working attorneys I have ever run across. I have watched him in court numerous times and his commitment, intelligence and creativity are ever apparent and obvious. While his natural ability is good enough on its own, it is his dedication that separates him from the pack. He is honest and forthright. If I knew anyone in trouble, I would refer them to Kevin.”

– Jason Garber, Esq. – Partner at Reger, Rizzo & Darnall LLP

“I have known Kevin for several years as he is a fellow member of the bar. I have always found him to be a very prepared, aggressive and caring attorney who zealously advocates for his clients.”

– Ellis Klein, DUI / DWI Attorney in Bensalem, PA

“Kevin is an excellent DUI defense lawyer. He goes above and beyond to learn all he can about the law but also about the science behind all areas DUI related. His membership in NCDD and PADDDA says it all. Someone arrested for DUI in south eastern PA could do no better than hire Kevin to defend them.”

– Brian Manchester, DUI / DWI Attorney in Bellefonte, PA

“I have worked with Kevin for several years and highly respect his dedication, knowledge, and persistence in the defense of DUI/DWI cases. I strongly endorse Kevin.”

– David Bradley, DUI / DWI Attorney in Cherry Hill, NJ

“Kevin is truly one the “go to” lawyers in the field of DWI/DUI! I whole heartily endorse him. He is conscientious, ethical and diligent in representing his clients and has an excellent reputation among lawyers and Courts alike.”

– Robert Pinizzotto , DUI / DWI Attorney in Hammonton, NJ

“Kevin is a tactical trial attorney. I have the utmost confidence in his ability to defend a client charged with DWI or DUI. Kevin understands how to use experts on blood DWI matters and Drug DWI cases to obtain the best results for his clients.”

– Eric Morrell, Criminal Defense Attorney in New Brunswick, NJ

“Kevin’s clients will be in excellent hands. Kevin’s intelligence, integrity and dedication make him stand out from the rest.”

– Beth Cole, Employment / Labor Attorney in Philadelphia, PA

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Kevin is a great attorney. We worked together years ago at the PD’s office. He has always been conscientious and sensitive to what his clients need. Today, in the private sector, he is not merely concerned with making a fast buck but rather is a focused and determined professional who seeks to provide every client with the best defense.”

– Vanessa Bellino, Criminal Defense Attorney in Reading, PA

“Kevin is a formidable opponent. He represents his clients with zeal and shows significant preparation and knowledge of his cases.”

– Sean Gresh, Criminal Defense Attorney in Perkasie, PA

“Put simply, Kevin is great at what he does. He is quite personable, always comes prepared, and can be adversarial if needed. He is exactly what one should look for in hiring a qualified attorney. The best complement I could give is that if I, personally, ever needed an attorney, he would be the first person I would call, without hesitation.”

– Harry Feinberg, Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia, PA

“I wholeheartedly and without reservation endorse this lawyer’s work. Mr. Leckerman is savvy, erudite, thorough and tenacious; he epitomizes the difference between a man who is good at his job and a man who is excellent in every job, the difference between a man who will do his duty and a man who is enthralled with his opportunity. This attorney is above and beyond the norm.”

– David Harrris, Defective and Dangerous Products Attorney in New York, NY

“Kevin Leckerman has a well deserved excellent reputation in the area of DWI defense. If you find yourself needing this type of lawyer, he is who you should call.”

– Matthew Parker, in Philadelphia, PA

“Mr. Leckerman is a very intelligent criminal law attorney. I have had numerous cases on the opposing side of Mr. Leckerman and he is always very prepared and very knowledgeable criminal law attorney.”

– Anne Scheetz, Family Law Attorney in Richboro, PA

“Kevin receives my highest praises and respect as both an exceptional attorney and human being. With respect to his legal skills, Kevin is extremely intelligent, articulate, always prepared, and has an outstanding command of the intricacies and ever-changing landscape of DWI/DUI law. I have always known Kevin to be an exceptional litigator/trial lawyer and someone who never backs away from a challenge in the court room. Above all else, Kevin always advocates aggressively on behalf of his clients and takes the responsibility of his representation very seriously. As a person, Kevin is extremely humble, passionate, honest and dedicated to his family, friends, clients and his craft. It is a true honor to count him as not only a respected colleague, but a close friend.”

– Joshua Marks, Business Attorney in Philadelphia, PA

“Kevin is a true professional. He has found a niche practice in which he is a leading authority in the area. I would trust Kevin as a fabulous referral source for any client, friend or family member that may need his services. I am confident that any referral made to Kevin will result in he or she being given the best possible advice and representation. I highly endorse Kevin for any DUI/DWI matter.”

– Nancy Lanard, Franchise Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA

“I have been opposing counsel with Kevin on many cases. I have always known Kevin to be a well-prepared and dedicated advocate for his clients and his reputation in the legal community is excellent.”

– Daniel Keane, Family Law Attorney in Doylestown, PA

“Kevin Leckerman is a very bright energetic lawyer in the prime of his career. Because he practices DUI defense exclusively he is extremely knowledgeable in the field. When we discuss cases he is always up to speed and conversant with the latest cases which provides his clients with a tremendous advantage over other lawyers who may not be as specialized as he is.”

– Steven Fairlie, Criminal Defense Attorney in North Wales, PA

“I have had the privilege of knowing Kevin personally and professionally Kevin for almost 30 years. By virtue of our working together for a number of years, I have witnessed Kevin in action on numerous occasions. He is truly one of the most dedicated attorneys practicing criminal defense. I have seen him employ his substantial creativity, intelligence, and courtroom skills to the benefit of many clients. Given his abilities, dedication, and honesty, he is the first person I turn to for advice on my criminal cases and should be the first person people turn to when in trouble. I offer my highest recommendation of Kevin.”

– Jason Garber, Litigation Lawyer in Towson, MD

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