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Basics of Blood Testing for DWI / DUI

Basics of Blood Testing for DWI / DUIIf a sample for blood testing was extracted from an individual following a DUI / DWI arrest, errors in the collection, transportation and blood testing may have occurred. The following is a list of some of those collection, transportation, and blood testing errors:

  • The blood sample extraction site on the individual’s arm was not properly
  • The needle for blood sample extraction was improperly assembled.
  • The needle was improperly asserted for blood sample extraction.
  • The sample for blood testing was drawn from the wrong area of the body.
  • The tubes used for blood sample collection were expired.
  • The amount of blood extracted for blood testing was too little.
  • Preservative and anti-clotting chemicals in the blood sample collection tube were improperly mixed with the blood sample.
  • The blood sample collection tube had a faulty seal.
  • The blood sample was stored improperly prior to blood testing.
  • Medical personnel administered intravenous fluids and/or drugs prior to the extraction of the blood sample.
  • The laboratory technician failed to follow laboratory protocols
    for blood testing.
  • The laboratory failed to properly maintain the machine used
    for blood testing.
  • The laboratory failed to properly test the blood sample.

Basics of Laboratory Blood Testing Explained

By Kevin Leckerman

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