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In New Jersey, the Alcotest 7110 is the device that is now exclusively used by police agencies for breath testing. This breath testing device has replaced the Breathalyzer 900 and 900A in New Jersey.

For the breath testing results of the Alcotest to be utilized, the police must follow all proper breath testing procedures. Some of these breath testing procedures include:

  • Removing all electronic devices, including cellular phones, from the testing room.
  • Observing the person to be tested for twenty minutes in order to guarantee that no alcohol has entered the person’s mouth.
  • Inputting all accurate information concerning the time and date of arrest.
  • Properly instructing an individual how to provide a breath sample.

The operator of the Alcotest must have been properly trained and certified to operate the breath testing machine.

The prosecution must provide all supporting breath testing documentation in order to prove that the Alcotest was in proper working order.

Finally, the Alcotest results must be within a certain mathematical range.

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