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A DWI charge in Burlington County New Jersey is serious, but it is even more serious when children are involved. Considered a traffic ticket, driving while intoxicated is not a criminal offense. However, this traffic ticket includes very high fines, required license suspension, and the possibility of jail.

There are two ways a Burlington County DWI charge can be intensified due to children. If the offense occurs in a school zone, the fines are significantly increased. If the DWI happens while a minor is in the car, there is the possibility of the additional charge of either disorderly conduct or even child endangerment.

Regardless of whether you are in a school zone or you have children in the back seat, a DWI charge begins with a police officer trying to determine if you are intoxicated. The officer will look for signs of impairment through field sobriety testing and then breath testing. The legal limit in New Jersey is .08% blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Even if you are below the legal limit, police departments will still charge a person with DWI, if field sobriety tests were failed.

After the initial ticket, the court time begins. Burlington County Courts try to handle all DWI cases within 60 days. Unless an attorney has been hired, defendants will first appear in court for an arraignment. If a case is going to be dismissed, it will often be dismissed in the pre-trial phase. The pre-trial phase normally happens about 30 days after the arraignment. If the case is not dismissed in pre-trial phase, it will go to trial to be heard by a judge. At trial, the defendant is able to plead all relevant defenses and attack the prosecution’s case.

If you are charged with DWI in a school zone, here are some of the penalties for a first offense:

First Offense DWI (in a school zone)

  • $500- $800 in fines (plus additional court fees)
  • DMV Charge of $1000/year for three years
  • Up to 60 days in jail
  • 1 to 2 years license suspension

Although fighting a Burlington County DWI charge is a very difficult thing to do on your own, it can and has been done with attorney representation. Sometimes cases can be dropped in pre-trial phase. If a case goes to trial, a prior motion hearing can prevent the judge from hearing certain evidence. Finally, an attorney can challenge any field and chemical tests that were administered to prove intoxication, find witnesses to support your case, and cross examine witnesses provided by the state. There are ways to fight a DWI charge, if you are well prepared.

Municipal Courthouses in Burlington County:

  • Burlington County Superior Court – Municipal Division
  • Mt Holly NJ Tel: 609-518-2515
  • Bass River Municipal Court
  • New Gretna, NJ Tel: 609-296-1410
  • Beverly City Municipal Court
  • Beverly NJ Tel: 609-387-0061
  • Bordentown City Municipal Court
  • Bordentown NJ Tel: 609-298-2800
  • Burlington Township Municipal Court
  • Burlington, NJ Tel:609- 239-5825
  • Chesterfield Township Municipal Court
  • Jacobstown NJ Tel:609-758-2522
  • Cinnaminson Municipal Court
  • Cinnaminson NJ Tel: 856-829-4027
  • Delanco Township Municipal Court
  • Delanco NJ Tel: 856-461-0181
  • Delran Municipal Court
  • Delran NJ Tel: 856-461-3888
  • Edgewater Park Municipal Court
  • Edgewater Park NJ Tel: 609-877-7645
  • Evesham Township Municipal Court
  • Marlton NJ Tel: 856-983-2929
  • Fieldsboro Municipal Court
  • Fieldsboro NJ Tel: 609-298-1616
  • Florence Township Municipal Court
  • Florence NJ Tel: 609-499-2222
  • Hainesport Township Municipal Court
  • Westampton NJ Tel: 609-267-1895
  • Lumberton Township Municipal Court
  • Lumberton NJ Tel: 609-267-3389
  • Mansfield Township Municipal Court
  • Columbus NJ Tel: 609-298-0649
  • Maple Shade Township Municipal Court
  • Maple Shade NJ Tel: 856-779-9610
  • Medford Lakes Municipal Court
  • Medford Lakes NJ Tel: 609-654-7589
  • Medford Township Municipal Court
  • Medford NJ 08055 Tel: 609-654-8813
  • Moorestown Township Municipal Court
  • Moorestown NJ Tel: 856-235-0922
  • Mount Laurel Municipal Court
  • Mount Laurel NJ Tel: 856-234-2003
  • New Hanover Township Municipal Court
  • Cookstown NJ Tel: 609-758-7172
  • North Hanover Municipal Court
  • Jacobstown NJ Tel: 609-758-2522
  • Palmyra Borough Municipal Court
  • Palmyra NJ Tel: 856-829-1763
  • Pemberton Township Municipal Court
  • Pemberton NJ Tel: 609-894-3337
  • Riverside Township Municipal Court
  • Riverside, NJ Tel: 856-461-0466
  • Shamong Township Municipal Court
  • Shamong NJ Tel: 609-268-2377
  • Southampton Municipal Court
  • Southampton NJ Tel: 609-859-2747
  • Springfield Township Court
  • Jobstown NJ Tel: 609-723-2465
  • Tabernacle Township Municipal Court
  • Tabernacle NJ Tel: 609-268-0363
  • Township of Washington Municipal Court
  • Washington Township NJ Tel: 201-664-2488
  • Westampton Township Municipal Court
  • Westampton, NJ Tel: 609-267-1895
  • Willingboro Township Municipal Court
  • Willingboro NJ Tel: 609-877-2200
  • Woodland Township Municipal Court
  • Chatsworth NJ Tel: 609-726-9049

Burlington County Sheriff’s Department

49 Rancocas Road

Mt. Holly, NJ 08060


Burlington County Court Facility

49 Rancocas Road

Mount Holly, NJ 08060


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