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Charged With A Delaware County DUI? Get Legal Advice To Protect Your Rights

If you are facing a Delaware County DUI charge in Pennsylvania, you should know that you have options. You can fight to get the charges dropped or reduced. And you can also work toward getting lesser penalties if you are convicted.

To best protect your freedom, your wallet, and your driver’s license, you should contact a Delaware County DUI attorney to look at your case. He or she can help you to better understand what options are at your disposal and plan a defense strategy. When it comes time for court, your interests will be represented by a legal professional with the knowledge, experience, and dedication needed to work toward the best possible outcome.

Many people believe that failing a breathalyzer test means that they are guilty, but this isnt always the case. If you feel like you had a higher reading than you expected, there may be a reason for this. Sometimes the machines are not calibrated correctly, or the officer does not use the device right.

Also, your own body’s unique physiology plays a role, and your actions prior to the test can affect the test as well. Did you use mouthwash or breath spray as the cop pulled you over? This can cause a false high reading since there was excess alcohol in your mouth.

Of course, the breathalyzer test is only one part of the charges that are brought against you. It is likely that you were also given a field sobriety test. The officers asks you to complete a series of tasks and then records how well you do. These tests are highly subjective, and also have specific rules that must be followed. A qualified Delaware county Pennsylvania DUI attorney will ensure that the tests were done properly and will work to show that officer was biased if that was the case.

When it comes time for sentencing, a number of factors will be considered. One important issue is how many past convictions you have. If this is a first offense, it is often easier to get a reduced punishment with the right Delaware County DUI attorney working with you.

But if you have had two or more offenses in the past, then your situation is more serious, since the penalties you face are harsher. It can be even more important to have a Delaware DUI lawyer to represent your interests in court.

There are also three tiers when it comes to DUI in Delaware County. General impairment is considered 0.08% to 0.99%. High BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is considered 0.10% to 0.159%. And Highest BAC is considered 0.16% and up. So the level of blood alcohol content that the prosecution proves in court can be a big role in what penalties you are given.

In Pennsylvania, driving under the influence is a serious offense. The punishments are strict, including high fines, jail time, driver’s license suspension, required attendance to alcohol highway safety school, and mandatory drug and alcohol treatment. If you or a loved one is facing a Delaware DUI charge, get professional legal advice specific to your case. You want to look with someone who has specific experience in the Delaware County area, so they know the people involved and understand the ins and outs of the Pennsylvania system. This is the best way to protect your financial, professional, and personal future.

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