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Common Questions Asked When Deciding Whom To Hire To Defend You Against A Drunk Driving Charge.

  1. Should I hire the attorney who is charging the highest fee? Not necessarily. The highest fee does not always equate to receiving the best legal services. Often the “high-priced” attorney that you hire may not handle your case from beginning to end or appear with you for every court hearing.
  2. Should I hire the lawyer who is charging the cheapest fee? Probably not. Often, the attorney charging the cheapest fees is someone who dabbles in defending people charged with DWI / DUI. This type of attorney usually handles a range of cases, such as real estate and family law cases to general criminal matters. However, someone who does not routinely defend DWI / DUI cases is most likely unaware of the complex science and law involved in providing the best defense. Additionally, attorneys who charge the cheapest fees often engage in handling a high volume of cases that they intend to “plead out” without aggressively exploring all available defenses. With most attorneys charging the cheapest fees, you get what you paid for!
  3. Should I be aware of the attorney guaranteeing an outcome? Absolutely. Any attorney guaranteeing an outcome is essentially trying to talk you out of your money and potentially lying about a promised outcome. An ethical attorney will advise you of all possible consequences of your case, as well as discussing the best ways to defend you against government prosecution.
  4. Does anyone win a DUI / DWI case? Absolutely. There are numerous ways to aggressively defend drunk driving prosecutions. The only way not to defend such a charge is to simply throw your hands up and plead guilty. While you may regret pleading guilty without challenging the charges, it is highly unlikely that you will regret aggressively defending your case.

When Making The Monumental Decision Of Hiring An Attorney To Defend You In A DUI / DWI Prosecution, You Have The Right To Ask The Following Questions:

  • What type of DUI / DWI training have you received concerning DUI / DWI detection?
  • What type of DUI / DWI training have you received concerning breath testing devices?
  • What type of DUI / DWI training have you received concerning blood and urine testing?
  • Have you attended any programs primarily focused on the use of headspace gas chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry?
  • Did you complete those programs and receive a certification of completion?
  • What type of DUI / DWI training have you received for field sobriety testing?
  • Have you been certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to administer standardized field sobriety tests?
  • What type of DUI / DWI training have you received for drug recognition tactics used by the police?
  • What type of DUI / DWI training have you received concerning drugs that impair driving?
  • Which attorney groups do you belong to that focus on DUI / DWI defense? Have you been accepted to the National College for DUI Defense?
  • How many DUI and DWI cases have you defended?
  • How many DUI and DWI cases have you taken to trial?
  • Do you use any expert witnesses? If so, do these experts provide reports and testimony concerning standardized field sobriety testing, breath testing, and blood/urine analysis?

Hiring an experienced DWI / DUI defense attorney is the best choice a person can make when determining what to do when facing a drunk driving charge.

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