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Although it is only a traffic ticket, being a repeat Cumberland County New Jersey DWI offender is nothing like the first-time around. Driving while intoxicated can lead to years of license suspension, high fees and jail-time.

In Cumberland County, an accusation of a third-time DWI offense can be the beginning of a very bad situation. Even out-of-state convictions will count as prior DWI offenses. After the third offense, mandatory penalties do not increase, but they do not decrease either.

It is important to remember that you are not required to talk to the officers. You are only required to participate in the chemical test if the officer arrests you for DWI. A breath test may be used to prove alcohol intoxication above the legal limit. The legal alcohol limit in New Jersey is .08% blood alcohol concentration (BAC) . You will then be held until sober or until you can obtain a ride.

When charged by an officer, a third offense will proceed like any other Cumberland County DWI offense. The standard court period from start to finish is 60 days. Obtaining an attorney will usually prevent you from having to go to an arraignment. If the evidence is not strong enough, the case may be thrown out in the pre-trial phase, but plea bargains will not be considered.

For a Cumberland county DWI case that is not resolved in pre-trial phase, the case is then heard by a judge during a bench trial. During the bench trial, a defendant can question the witnesses and challenge any proof the police officers may have produced.

Here are some standard sentences for third time offenses:

  • $1000 in fines (plus additional court fees)
  • MVC Charge of $1500/year for three years
  • Special insurance required
  • 180 days in jail
  • Optional rehabilitation program to reduce jail time
  • 10 year license suspension
  • Ignition Interlock Device required during and after suspension

Although a New Jersey DWI third offense has very serious repercussions, there are some many to fight it. It is generally not recommended to fight it without an attorney however. The laws surrounding New Jersey DWI cases are very complicated. The main way to obtain a not guilty verdict is by successfully challenging the police officer’s proof of intoxication. This can be done by showing a faulty chemical test reading or by attacking observational tests (for example, a medical condition that makes you seem intoxicated). An attorney can also have certain evidence left out of trial if it was illegally obtained. A Cumberland County DWI charge does not have to become a conviction.

Cumberland County Municipal Courts Telephone Numbers:

  • Cumberland County Superior Court – Municipal Division
  • Woodbury NJ Tel: 856-853-3483
  • Bridgeton Municipal Court
  • Bridgeton NJ Tel: 856-455-3230 Ext 251
  • Commercial Township Municipal Court
  • Port Norris NJ Tel: 856-785-3100 Ext 116
  • Deerfield Township Municipal Court
  • Rosenhayn NJ Tel: 856-455-3200
  • Downe Township Municipal Court
  • Newport, NJ Tel: 856-447-3401
  • Fairfield Township Municipal Court
  • Fairton NJ Tel: 856-453-3157
  • Greenwich Township Municipal Court
  • Bridgeton NJ Tel: 856-453-1523
  • Hopewell Township Municipal Court
  • Bridgeton NJ Tel: 856-453-1523
  • Lawrence Township Municipal Court
  • Cedarville NJ Tel: 856-447-3035
  • Maurice River Municipal Court
  • Leesburg NJ Tel: 856-785-1120
  • Millville Municipal Court
  • Millville NJ Tel: 856-825-7000
  • Stow Creek Township Municipal Court
  • Bridgeton NJ Tel: 856-453-1523
  • Upper Deerfield Municipal Court
  • Seabrook NJ Tel: 856-455-8722
  • Vineland City Municipal Court
  • Vineland City NJ 08362 Tel: 856-794-4214

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Cumberland County Courthouse

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