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  • By: Kevin Leckerman, Esq.
  • Published: July 11, 2014
Two damaged cars after a collision - Leckerman Law, LLC

MONTGOMERY TWP., Pa. – A dash cam video has been released by the Montgomery Township officers of a drunk driving suspect who slammed into two vehicles on an intersection before crashing violently into a police cruiser.

The officer driving the cruiser was waiting at a red light when a car careened through the intersection, before crashing into the police cruiser and other vehicles.

Montgomery Township officers responded to reports of a vehicle collision and entrapment at an intersection according to the reporter.

The crash was recorded by the dash cam on the cruiser. Another vehicle was also struck by the drunk driver but it was not recorded on camera.

The driver of the vehicle was charged with DUI. There were no serious injuries from the accident and only one single minor injury was reported.

After the incident, the drunk driver showed little remorse after the accident. According to CBS Philadelphia, he reportedly told the police that he didn’t understand why those involved in the crash were upset.

Police Chief Scott Bendig said, “This could have been catastrophic. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.”

The dash cam video was released by the department to reinforce the dangers of drunk driving.

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