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Gloucester County DWI

A DWI charge in Gloucester County New Jersey is only a traffic ticket, but it is not like getting a speeding ticket. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or certain drugs is classified as a DWI. It is not a criminal charge, but there are very strict sanctions and mandatory fees that make it unlike any other traffic ticket.

Even if you are not a New Jersey resident and are only driving through Gloucester County on your way to another state, a NJ DWI charge can affect your driving privileges in both New Jersey and your home state. Based on the law, New Jersey can only suspend your driving privileges within the state. This may only mean an inconvenient detour to get from one point to another. However, the Interstate Compact requires that New Jersey report the offense to the state where you do have a license. That state can then decide what type of penalties they would like to impose.

In theory, an out of state driver pulled over in Gloucester County, can face DWI penalties in two states. That is definitely something to avoid, especially since New Jersey imposes a 3 months to 12 months license suspension, over $3,500 in fines, costs and surcharges, and possible jail-time for first offenses.

If stopped in New Jersey for DWI, the police officer will look for signs of intoxication. He or she may conduct an observational field sobriety test and may request blood to be drawn or that you submit to a breath test. It is illegal to refuse a chemical breath test in New Jersey. So, although you have the right to remain silent, you do not have the right to refuse a chemical breath test if probable cause exits to arrest you for DWI.

The standard limit for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in New Jersey is .08%. It is less if you are driving with a CDL or if you are under the age of 21. New Jersey can also check for the presence of drugs in the blood or urine. The penalties for intoxication from drugs are higher than the fines for a BAC under .10%. Following the test, you will be taken to jail for twelve hours or until a sober adult can drive you to your destination.

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The court process in Gloucester County for DWI on average takes around two months. During that time, defendants may be required to attend up to three court dates. Defendants with representation may only attend two court dates.

Here are the telephone numbers for Gloucester County Municipal Courts:

  • Gloucester County Superior Court – Municipal Division
    Woodbury NJ Tel: 856-853-3483
  • Borough of Paulsboro Municipal Court
    Paulsboro NJ Tel: 856-423-3888
  • Clayton Borough Municipal Court
    Clayton NJ Tel: 856-881-8964
  • Deptford Township Municipal Court
    Deptford NJ Tel: 856-686-2230
  • East Greenwich Township Municipal Court
    Mickleton NJ Tel: 856-423-3010
  • Elk Township Municipal Court
    Monroeville NJ Tel: 856-881-6631
  • Franklin Township Municipal Court
    Franklinville NJ Tel: 856-694-1661
  • Glassboro Municipal Court
    Glassboro NJ Tel: 856-881-0383
  • Greenwich Township Municipal Court
    Gibbstown NJ Tel: 856-423-0113
  • Harrison Township Municipal Court
    Mullica Hill NJ Tel: 856-478-4049
  • Logan Township Municipal Court
    Bridgeport NJ Tel: 856-467-3425
  • Mantua Township Municipal Court
    Township Justice Center
    Mantua NJ Tel: 856-468-3078
  • Monroe Township Municipal Court
    Williamstown NJ Tel: 856-728-2144
  • National Park Borough Municipal Court
    National Park, NJ Tel: (856) 845-1197
  • Newfield Borough Municipal Court
    Monroeville , NJ  Tel: 856-881-6631
  • Pitman Borough Municipal Court
    Pitman NJ Tel: 856-589-3144
  • South Harrison Municipal Court
    Mullica Hill NJ Tel: 856-478-4049
  • Swedesboro Municipal Court
    Swedesboro NJ Tel: 856-467-2424
  • Washington Township Municipal Court
    Sewell NJ Tel: 856-589-0546
  • Wenonah Borough Municipal Court
    Wenonah NJ Tel: 856-468-0242
  • West Deptford Township Municipal Court
    Thorofare NJ Tel: 856-845-4004 Ext 115
  • Westville Borough Municipal Court
    Westville NJ Tel: 856-456-0066
  • Woodbury City Municipal Court
    Woodbury NJ Tel: 856-845-0691
  • Woodbury Heights Municipal Court
    Woodbury Heights NJ Tel: 856-848-3256
  • Woolwich Township Municipal Court
    Woolwich Township NJ Tel: 856-467-1555

Gloucester County Sheriff’s Department

Gloucester County Store
Deptford Mall, Almonesson Road, Deptford

Gloucester County Courthouse

1 North Broad Street
Woodbury NJ 08096

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Attorney Kevin Lekerman
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