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Strategies for Contesting Past Convictions - Leckerman Law, LLC

When a prior DWI / DUI conviction exists, the length of a drivers license suspension, period of incarceration, and amount of a fine will all be increased if convicted of another DWI / DUI. If a prior conviction occurred outside of a ten-year step-down period, your current charge may be treated in a less severe manner. A copy of your driving history or criminal history of DWI / DUI convictions can be obtained in order to determine which penalties you may be facing and whether you are entitled to a step-down of those penalties.

Additionally, prior DWI / DUI convictions are often challenged by obtaining discovery from those closed cases and by filing a petition for post-conviction relief. A Depending on the relief requested in the petition, you may be entitled to a new trial or the reduction of potential jail time in your new case if convicted.

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