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Instead of a dry, boring article, the following is an excerpt from a recent interview with Attorney Leckerman on the subject.

Interviewer: My next topic is about pleading guilty. How often do you come across potential clients that say, “I did drive my car after I had been drinking. I made a poor choice. I’m just going to plead guilty and get it over with.”

Leckerman: I rarely get a client that will say to me immediately, “I know I was guilty and I want to plead guilty.” In those cases, I will tell the potential client that I am not the lawyer for him or her. The reason I say that is not to insult the person. It’s just to let that person know that I take my practice very seriously and I only defend motorists who really want to fight charges against themselves.

Attorney Leckerman’s Advice Is To Fight The DUI Charge

For the most part, you can go by yourself in the court, talk to a prosecutor and try to work out a deal, where you can plead guilty and get minimum penalties. That isn’t terribly difficult for a lawyer to do for a client or for a person just to do on his or her own. I take on cases where I’m not holding somebody’s hand.

I want to make sure that this person gets the best defense possible because of all the major ramifications that this person is going to face.

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