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Ocean County DWI

In Ocean County, New Jersey, drinking and driving may only land you a traffic ticket, but it may be the worst traffic ticket you’ve ever received. Driving while intoxicated includes operating a vehicle while under the influence of certain drugs or alcohol and letting someone who is impaired drive your vehicle. Even though it is technically not considered a crime, there are heavy mandatory fees if you are found guilty. There are also the penalties of license suspension, possible jail time, and increased insurance costs when the license is reinstated.

If you are pulled over for a possible DWI in Ocean County, the first thing that will happen is field sobriety testing by the police officer. In New Jersey, you can be convicted of DWI based on the observational testimony from field tests or from chemical testing. Chemical tests include breath, blood or urine. In New Jersey, the standard legal limit of blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08%. If you happen to be under the age of 21 when you are charged with DWI, the legal limit of BAC is dropped to .01%. Following any proof of intoxication, the officer will issue a ticket and either keep you in the police station until you are sober, or release you to a sober adult that can drive you home.

Over the next 60 days, the traffic ticket will be dealt with in court. If an attorney is not obtained prior, an arraignment will be the first court appearance. Defendants with an attorney typically have this appearance waived while defendants without an attorney are required to attend. There are no plea bargains in New Jersey DWI cases. A prosecutor has to be convinced that the State cannot prove the DWI charge in court.

The pre-trial phase is the earliest time a NJ DWI case can be resolved. It typically occurs within 30 days of the arraignment. If the issue continues to trial, an attorney can obtain a motion hearing to prohibit certain evidence from being used in trial. In Ocean County DWI cases, the trial will be heard by a judge and not a jury. Trial provides the defendant an opportunity to challenge any proof of intoxication that the police officers produced.

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DWI charges in New Jersey can be won, but generally require the help of an attorney. This is because New Jersey DWI cases are quite unique and can be complicated. Attorneys are helpful because they can fight a DWI charge by challenging proof of intoxication and having certain evidence suppressed. With help, an Ocean County DWI charge does not have to be a DWI conviction.

Ocean County Municipal Courthouses Contact Information:

Barnegat Light Municipal Court
Barnegat Light NJ Tel: 609-494-7336
Barnegat Township Municipal Court
Barnegat NJ Tel: 609-698-0080

Bay Head Borough Municipal Court
Bay Head NJ  Tel: 732-892-4737

Beach Haven Borough Municipal Court
Beach Haven NJ Tel: 609-492-4548

Beachwood Municipal Court
Beachwood NJ Tel: 732-286-6000

Berkeley Township Municipal Court
Bayville NJ Tel: 732-240-6661

Brick Township Municipal Court
Brick NJ Tel: 732-262-1232

Eagleswood Township Municipal Court
Little Egg Harb NJ Tel: 609-296-7241

Harvey Cedar Borough Municipal Court
Harvey Cedars NJ  Tel: 609-494-9026

Island Heights Municipal Court
Island Heights NJ Tel: 732-270-6161

Jackson Township Municipal Court
Jackson NJ Tel: 732-928-1205

Lacey Township Municipal Court
Forked River NJ Tel: 609-693-1100 Ext 2262

Lakehurst Borough Municipal Court
Lakehurst NJ Tel: 732-657-4151

Lakewood Municipal Court
Lakewood NJ Tel: 732-905-5988

Lavallette Municipal Court
Lavallette NJ Tel: 732-830-1911

Little Egg Harbor Municipal Court
Little Egg Harb NJ Tel: 609-296-7241

Long Beach Township Municipal Court
Brant Beach NJ Tel: 609-361-1000

Manchester Township Municipal Court
Manchester NJ Tel: 732-657-8121 Ext 1119

Mantoloking Municipal Court
Mantoloking NJ Tel: 732-899-6604

Ocean Gate Municipal Court
Ocean Gate NJ Tel: 732-269-3166 Ext 21

Ocean Township Municipal Court
Waretown NJ Tel: 609-693-3332

Pine Beach Borough Municipal Court
Pine Beach NJ Tel: 732-349-6453

Plumsted Township Municipal Court
New Egypt NJ Tel: 609-758-2241

Point Pleasant Beach Municipal Court
Point Pleasant Beach NJ Tel: 732-892-1118 Ext 131

Point Pleasant Borough Municipal Court
Point Pleasant NJ  Tel: 732-899-1636

Seaside Heights Municipal Court
Seaside Heights NJ Tel: 732-830-2202

Seaside Park Borough Municipal Court
Seaside Park NJ 08752 Tel: 732-793-5116

Ship Bottom Municipal Court
Ship Bottom NJ Tel: 609-494-7213

South Toms River Municipal Court
South Toms River NJ Tel: 732-349-1141

Stafford Township Municipal Court
Manahawkin NJ Tel: 609-597-1000

Surf City Borough Municipal Court
Surf City NJ Tel: 609-494-3984

Tuckerton Borough Municipal Court
Tuckerton NJ Tel: 609-296-2036

Ocean County Sheriff’s Department

120 Hooper Ave
Toms River, NJ 08753
(732) 929-2044
24 Hour Emergency: (732) 349-2010

Ocean County Courthouse

118 Washington Street
Toms River, NJ 08754

By Kevin Leckerman

Attorney Kevin Lekerman
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