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What Happens If Someone Gets Ticketed For A New Jersey DWI And/or Arrested And They Fail To Respond To Summons?

If someone fails to respond to summons, and goes to court to address the ticket, there will be a warrant issued for the person’s arrest. Also, the license of the driver may be suspended as well, and that suspension would be indefinite. If the person later chooses to address his outstanding warrant, then he or she will have to post bail in order to get the warrant lifted and get a new court date.

Will The Driver’s License Be Suspended Until The Person Responds To Summons?

When a person fails to show for a court appearance, the court will notify the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission of the failure to respond. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will then suspend the license of the driver until the bench warrant has been lifted. Then the person has to go to court to ask the judge to have his court staff contact the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission in order to re-instate his license, pending the outcome of the case.

How Soon After Your No-show Will A Warrant Be Issued?

A warrant would be issued at the end of the scheduled court appearance. If someone is scheduled to appear on August 1st and that person fails to appear, then at the end of the court session, the court staff will input into the computer the failure to appear, and the bench warrant will be outstanding. That driver could be arrested on the bench warrant at any time following that failure to appear.

Do Warrants Usually Result In Police Coming To The Person’s Work Or Home, Or Do They Wait Until The Person Gets Pulled Over Again?

Whether or not police will come to a person’s work or home once a warrant is issued all depends on whether the person has been originally cited by the New Jersey State Police or a local police organization. If it is a local police force that is eager to enforce bench warrants, then they might go out to the person’s house. If that police force is not so concerned, then the police may never do so. As a result, nothing may come of it until that person is out on the road. Then if a police officer is doing a random license check through a mobile data unit, which runs the license plate and registration for the vehicle, the search would reveal a bench warrant. That person would then be pulled over for the bench warrant. An arrest for that outstanding bench warrant could also occur if there is a motor vehicle infraction or an accident where the driver has to show his or her license. Read On To Find Out What Happens When Someone When Is Arrested For A DWI In New Jersey.

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