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Camden County DWI

If you drive for a living in Camden County New Jersey, chances are you have seen your fair share of DWI stops. This serious traffic ticket brings with it heavy fines, insurance complications, license suspension and possible jail time. The stakes are even higher if you are a CDL driver (commercial drivers license). The acceptable level of BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is lower, and if a fatal accident occurs while intoxicated, there is a possible charge of vehicular homicide.

The standard blood alcohol content limit in New Jersey is .08%. For CDL drivers the limit is lowered to .04%. When charged investigated for a DWI, a police officer will administer field sobriety tests to determine if you are intoxicated and will give require that you submit to chemical testing to determine BAC. Following the test, you will be held until sober, or until a sober adult can take you home.

In the next couple of months, court appearances will be required. Defendants with attorney representation will not have to appear until a pre-trial hearing is scheduled. Defendants without representation will have to attend an arraignment. Also, because New Jersey considers DWI to be very serious, they do not consider plea bargains.

At trial, a competent DWI lawyer will be able to challenge any of the tests a police officer administered to try to prove intoxication. A Camden County DWI lawyer will also be able to file a motion to suppress certain evidence, contact expert witnesses in your behalf and, perhaps, even get your case dismissed in the pre-trial phase.

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Contact Information for Camden County Municipal Courthouses:

  • Camden County Superior Court – Municipal Division
    Camden NJ Tel: 856-379-2383
  • Audubon Borough Municipal Court
    Audubon, NJ Tel: 856-547-071
  • Audubon Park Municipal Court
    Audubon NJ Tel: 856-547-9156
  • Barrington Municipal Court
    Barrington, NJ Tel: 856-547-1550
  • Bellmawr Municipal Court
    Bellmawr, NJ Tel: 856-931-1081
  • Berlin Borough Municipal Court
    Atco, NJ Tel: 856-767-7777 Ext 112
  • Berlin Township Municipal Court
    West Berlin, NJ  Tel: 856-767-2533
  • Borough of Runnemede Municipal Court
    Runnemede NJ Tel: 856-939-5252
  • Brooklawn Municipal Court
    Gloucester City, NJ Tel: 856-456-2427
  • Camden City Municipal Court
    Camden NJ Tel: 856-757-7100
  • Cherry Hill Township Municipal Court
    Cherry Hill NJ Tel: 856-488-7850
  • Chesilhurst Municipal Court
    Chesilhurst, NJ Tel: 856- 767-1548
  • Clementon Municipal Court
    Clementon, NJ Tel: 856-783-6464
  • Collingswood Municipal Court
    Collingswood NJ Tel: 856-854-7535
  • Gibbsboro Borough Municipal Court
    Gibbsboro NJ Tel: 856-783-6956
  • Gloucester Township Municipal Court
    Blackwood, NJ Tel: 856-228-4000
  • Haddon Heights Municipal Court
    Haddon Heights NJ  Tel: 856-547-2920
  • Haddon Township Municipal Court
    Westmont, NJ Tel: 856 – 854-1176
  • Hi-Nella Borough Municipal Court
    Hi-Nella NJ Tel: 856-782-0860
  • Laurel Springs Municipal Court
    Laurel Springs NJ Tel: 856-784-6688
  • Lawnside Borough Municipal Court
    Lawnside NJ Tel: 856-573-6209
  • Lindenwold Municipal Court
    Lindenwold NJ Tel: 856-783-2121 Ext 9247
  • Magnolia Borough Municipal Court
    Magnolia NJ Tel: 856-784-7134
  • Merchantville Borough Court
    Merchantville NJ Tel: 856-662-7560
  • Mount Ephraim Borough Court
    Oaklyn Municipal Building
    Oaklyn NJ Tel: 856-858-0074
  • Oaklyn Borough Municipal Court
    Oaklyn NJ Tel: 856-858-0074
  • Pennsauken Municipal Court
    Pennsauken NJ  Tel: 856-663-1403
  • Pine Hill Borough Municipal Court
    Pine Hill NJ Tel: 856-783-2566
  • Pine Valley Municipal Court
    Clementon NJ Tel: 609-767-5400
  • Somerdale Borough Municipal Court
    Somerdale, NJ Tel: 856-783-0958
  • Stratford Borough Municipal Court
    Stratford NJ Tel: 856-783-1093
  • Voorhees Township Municipal Court
    Voorhees NJ Tel: 856-429-0770
  • Waterford Township Municipal Court
    Atco NJ Tel: 856-768-2300 Ext 4
  • Winslow Township Municipal Court
    Braddock NJ Tel: 609-561-6183
  • Woodlynne Borough Municipal Court
    Woodlynne NJ Tel: 856-962-8300

Office of the Sheriff

Room 100 – Courthouse
520 Market Street
Camden, New Jersey 08102
(856) 225-5470
Fax: (856) 225-5578

Camden County Hall of Justice

101 South Fifth Street
Camden, NJ 08103

By Kevin Leckerman

Attorney Kevin Lekerman
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