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  • By: Kevin Leckerman, Esq.
  • Published: August 17, 2015
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MADD President David Griffin resigned from his volunteer position as president of the MADD East Prince County chapter after he was charged with impaired driving.

65-year-old Griffin, who is a former deputy chief Summerside Police Services and a 45-year veteran of the force, was charged with impaired driving in June. At that time, he was the volunteer president of the local chapter.

He immediately notified MADD Canada and resigned from his post. The news was announced Tuesday by Andrew Murie, the organization’s CEO.

Murie states that protocols are followed for everybody in the organization, including volunteers and staff. “Any infractions involving any kind of driving offence, especially impaired driving, means you can no longer work or volunteer for the organization,” said Murie.

According to police reports, Griffin was stopped by a city police officer on 5 June and charged with two offenses, both alcohol-related.

His court appearance in provincial court is scheduled for 27 August at 9 am.

Griffin has not yet entered a plea and when contacted for details, he refused to comment.

Anyone charged with impaired driving in P.E.I. is handed a 90-day administrative driving prohibition which is effective seven days after serving a 24-hour roadside suspension which is enforced immediately once the person is involved in the alleged incident.

Summerside Police Services Chief, David Poirier, was also contacted for comment on Tuesday. He also refused to speak on the case, saying that the case is before the courts now.

According to Murie, he does not remember anyone associated with the organization being charged with impaired driving in his more than 18 years with MADD Canada. However, Griffin was a class act according to Murie, as he immediately resigned after he was charged. He commented on the incident saying it was sad and unfortunate and it was a shock to all of them as well.

MADD Canada’s CEO also commented on the incident saying, “When you figure the tens of thousands of people that have volunteered over the past 20 years for the organization, it shows that those high principles are followed.”

According to Murie, the incident will not negatively impact the organization or the work it does to stop impaired driving. Statistics revealed that between 1,250 to 1,500 lives are lost due to impaired driving each year in Canada. Apart from these fatalities, impaired driving also causes close to 64,000 injuries.

Murie commented about the incident saying, “I think that people will be understanding. These things happen in life and it is unfortunate and it is unfortunate that it happened to us and he is a former police officer as well.”

“He’s a good guy. I feel awful about it,” added Murie.

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