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Use Of Anti-DUI Device To Expand As Voted By PA. Senate

HARRISBURG, PA. – A legislation was unanimously approved by the Pennsylvania Senate which approved the use of ignition interlock devices for those who are caught driving under the influence.

The bill would allow DUI offenders to be eligible for an ignition interlock device, which will be set up in their primary vehicle and a limited license would be set up under Senate Bill 290 for drivers who do not have a prior offense in the last 10 years. Senate Bill 290 now moves to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Senator John Rafferty, who sponsored the bill, said that according to research, a number of first-time offenders violate the terms and conditions of their license suspension, which causes them to become repeat offenders.

In a statement, Rafferty said, “Ignition interlocks will place them in a controlled environment that will enable them to continue driving safely to work, school, etc. It’s a win-win for public safety.”

According to research, the use of ignition interlock devices have been found to reduce the number of repeat offenses by 67%, which causes a significant reduction in drunk driving fatalities in states that have ignition interlock laws in place.

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